TV or music?

When Boo was young we crate trained him.  He only peed in the house once and never again.  When we took him out we would tell him what to do and where.  We kept a small area in the backyard for this purpose..  It worked so well.

We also took Boo to the local dog parks.  We met lots of other dog owners, usually wonderful people.  Boo had a wonderful time and got to go in the car, find new friends, places and scents.  He would get exhausted.

I was still working and wasn’t here during working hours.  I always left music or the TV on.  We also had a young man who would come and walk him during the day.  Being a very social dog he got lonely, even with the distractions.  I tried pet TV.  He really wasn’t interested.

Dog TV

Research shows that some dogs like music and some will be more interested TV.  We used to leave pet TV on, or classical music.  I was never sure which he preferred.  After researching the subject I have learned that many shelters have tested out playing soft classical music or silence.  The dogs with the classical music stayed calmer that the dogs in silence.

Here is a great site for music for your dog(s).

Boo watched TV occasionally when the scene was moving quickly or there were dogs barking.  I have seen him pay attention to dog shows for short periods of time.

My husband was traveling for work and as soon as he started packing Boo would start stalking him.  He did not and still doesn’t like anyone leaving.  He has always liked people all in the same room.  He really likes routine.  Dogs have distinct personalities.

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