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How to Provide Healthy Solutions for Your Dog’s Teeth

Dental Care fоr Dogs (792 words)

Whаt саn lead tо dental problems іn dogs? Chewing hard objects mау damage уоur dog’s teeth. Sugary treats fed tо dogs cause cavities іn thеіr teeth аѕ wеll. Pet dogs ѕоmеtіmеѕ get frustrated аnd bored аnd thеу start chewing оn ...Read More


 I stole this from one of my favorite sites. They are very informative.

Look up the ratings on the dog food you feed your dog while you are there. You may end up buying an other brand.

While many dog training methods exist, they all ...Read More

Dog Waste

We take our boys for walks in our neighborhood which borders a bike path and a beach on Narragansett Bay. There are a lot of people walking their dogs and our boys, especially Scooter, tends to get over excited and barks, pulls and growls. Usually ...Read More

Santa Got Me A Puppy: What You Need To Know Before Gifting A Dog

Thinking about getting a dog or gifting one? Read this first!

Tis is a great article that I found in Huffington Post. It repeats a lot of things that I have written in my blogs. Breeders and rescue are the way to go. Marisa ...Read More