First Designer Poodle Mixes

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The Origin of The Dog

The origin of the domestic dog is not clear. Whole genome sequencing indicates that the dog, the gray wolf, and the extinct Taymyr wolf diverged at around the same time 27,000–40,000 years before present (YBP). These dates imply that the earliest dogs arose in the time of human hunter-gatherers and not agriculturists.

Origin of the domestic dog – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Several varieties of horses would revert back to one uniform type, the wild horse, and the mating of all the different varieties of dogs would result in an animal in all respects similar to the wild dogs which are to be found in different parts of the world, particularly in Africa.

There is conclusive evidence to prove that the people who lived in the monolithic age, in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres, possessed dogs, living with them on the same terms of intimacy as exist to-day, and later the Chaldeans, the Assyrians, the Greeks, and the Romans owned dogs that were the progenitors of those of the present time.

Wolf Ancester

Wolf Ancestor

In fact, the prehistoric drifts, the ashes of fires and mold in caves revealing man’s first presence on the globe also reveal the presence of the dog.  The history of the dog is the history of man, their origin is coexistent, their lives have been lived together, and the extinction of the human race would likely be punctuated by the extinction of the dog.

In the last half century great care has been given to the breeding of dogs. Thanks to dog shows and their rigid rules of registration demanded by the Kennel Club, the various canine types have been brought to a high state of perfection and kept uncompromisingly distinct. The elimination of the nondescript cur is steadily progressing, and the meeting on the streets of dogs that do not bear resemblance to some recognized breed are becoming more and more uncommon, for within the last two years even the amateur dog owner is alive to the importance of keeping breeds distinct.

Fast Forward to Recent Times

In the 1950s Cockapoos became the first designer dogs.  Today Labadoodles have that distinction since Cockapoos can not be breed together with a reliable outcome.  Designer dogs have become very fashionable.  They don’t shed and are easier on allergies   Some consider them hypoallergenic.

The Encyclopedia Britannica traces the term “designer dog” to the late 20th century, when breeders began to cross purebred poodles with other purebreds in order to obtain  the poodles hypoallergenic coat, along with various desirable characteristics from other breeds.

Friends or Brothers?

Friends or Brothers?

The resulting dogs were named a mix of the two purebred names, such a Cockapoo, a cross or a Cocker and a Poodle.  The others, such as Snoodles, are in the same vein.  Using a poo or  noodle is a giveaway to one parent being a Poodle.  Almost every breed has a mix with a poodle.  Now other breeds are being made, such a Puggle, which has no poodle blood.  There are even dogs with a mix of three breeds such as the German Chusky which is German Shepard, Husky and Chow.

These ‘breeds’ are generally meant to be companions and pets.  Like children some will look alike and others will not.  Even as puppies there will be marked difference.  I find that most poodle mixes have similarities.

Back to the question of hardiness.  There are now many breeders who crossbreed dogs looking to get rid of genetic problems, yet keep their more appealing characteristics.  In the past there were breeders who crossbred dogs and eventually came up with new breeds.  I should be done with best traits bred for.  This has been done with livestock for centuries, although height is much easier than temperament to measure.

Our Boo

Our Boo

It is also believed that they are healthier and comprise the best genes from both breeds.  This may not be true unless both parents are defect free in all cases, but the life expectancy is longer, in general.  Knowing the health of both parents is extremely important.  This is called hybrid vigor.  There are many who don’t believe this and rile against these cross breed dogs and think of them as mutts.

Until there are dedicated breed clubs these breeds will not be considered for AKC registry.

I’ll be writing about poodle mixes – poos and doodles.  Poodles are very intelligent and lend their coat – called wool – into the mix.  This does not mean that all of their puppies will have wool coats, or be totally hypo-allergenic.  For example, our Boo has a wool coat and Scooter has a wavy coat, more like a spaniel.  Boo is our black and Scooter is our fawn.  Boo weighs 35 lbs and Scooter 21 lbs.  Neither of them shed.

I will also be writing about health issues, dog nutrition, training and products.

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