We have never had a problem with names for our pets  because since I raised Basenjis, all of our pets came with names. They were hand-me-downs that came with names. That’s not totally true. Our first two cats we named, or they told us their names. I’ve always been a fan of black cats. The first one I named Phantom and the second was Spooky.  Then a daughter ‘gave’ us a pit bull named Doobie. Then another daughter ‘gave’ two kittens named Snowball and Snowflake. We called Snowflake Flakey and Snowball, Smudge


The only cat left is Flakey. His brother had a bad heart murmur and threw a blood clot when he was six. Flakey is now 12 and he is doing well. He likes to hunt and bring us gifts. We’ve stopped feeding the birds because he could jump and grab them out of the sky (air). He comes in to sleep and goes in and out. My husband says that he’s telling us how to hunt.

Back to names. You can see a theme … Our first Cockapoo is black and his name is Boo. The second one is blonde and merle and both my husband and I named him…Mr Scooter Binks. We call him Scooter. That was our method of naming. Another daughter lets her daughter name her brother and their animals. What method do you use?

Here are some ideas, from the most popular to some wacky.


Top male dog names:

Top female dog names:

1. Bailey (2*) 1. Bella (1*)
2. Max (3*) 2. Lucy (4*)
3. Charlie (6*) 3. Molly (5*)
4. Buddy (8*) 4. Daisy (7*)
5. Rocky 5. Maggie (9*)
6. Jake 6. Sophie (10*)
7. Jack 7. Sadie
8. Toby 8. Chloe
9. Cody 9. Bailey
10. Buster 10. Lola
11. Duke 11. Zoe
12. Cooper 12. Abby
13. Riley 13. Ginger
14. Harley 14. Roxy
15. Bear 15. Gracie
16. Tucker 16. Coco
17. Murphy 17. Sasha
18. Lucky 18. Lily
19. Oliver 19. Angel
20. Sam 20. Princess
21. Oscar 21. Emma
22. Teddy 22. Annie
23. Winston 23. Rosie
24. Sammy 24. Ruby
25. Rusty 25. Lady
26. Shadow 26. Missy
27. Gizmo 27. Lilly
28. Bentley 28. Mia
29. Zeus 29. Katie
30. Jackson 30. Zoey
31. Baxter 31. Madison
32. Bandit 32. Stella
33. Gus 33. Penny
34. Samson 34. Belle
35. Milo 35. Casey
36. Rudy 36. Samantha
37. Louie 37. Holly
38. Hunter 38. Lexi
39. Casey 39. Lulu
40. Rocco 40. Brandy
41. Sparky 41. Jasmine
42. Joey 42. Shelby
43. Bruno 43. Sandy
44. Beau 44. Roxie
45. Dakota 45. Pepper
46. Maximus 46. Heidi
47. Romeo 47. Luna
48. Boomer 48. Dixie
49. Luke 49. Honey
50. Henry 50. Dakota

Other sources

Top Ten Wackiest Dog Names

1- Dunkin Butterbeans
2- Farrah Pawcett
3- Fiona Penny Pickles
4- The Other Dude
5- Yeti Spaghetti
6- Colonel Mustache
7- Empress Tzu Tzu
8- Cheesebro
9- Tango Mango
10- Choo Choo Boo Boo



Our Cajun Puppy Name Lists…

Amos Moses: Jerry Reed created a song, likely entirely fictional, telling of a one-armed Cajun alligator fighter. A huge, strong dog could easily be known by this Cajun dog name even if he doesn’t fight ‘gators.

Arcadia: This feminine name actually means “Cajun” or “from Arcadia” and is a great flavorful selection for any lady dog.

Tuckered out hound

Beau: Beauregard is the surname of a well known Civil War soldier who was killed in the battle of Shiloh. His ghost, it is said, wonders the streets of New Orleans at night whispering “Shiloh”. It also refers to a gentleman of grace and breeding.

Evangeline: This poem, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow commemorates the deportation of many Cajuns from the U.S. in years gone by and is a pleasing lady’s name.

Katrina: Although this hurricane wiped out much of the southern region, they have rebuilt and this title is no longer thought of in negative terms. It will always be famous as the storm that broke the levies in Louisiana.

Levee: A major part of Cajun country’s ability to live on dry land is the result of building levees along the Mississippi River since much of this country is below sea level. Choose this for a male dog.

Magnolia: The tree and blossom of the tree which represents Louisiana, known for its huge Cajun population and culture.

Big dogs with small girl

NOLA: This is an acronym which means “New Orleans Louisiana” by using the “NO” of New Orleans and the LA postal abbreviation of the state, making a beautiful call sign for a lady dog. If you prefer, spell it with lower case after the initial capital or leave it as all capitals.

Parrish: The Cajun area of the U.S. does not break land into counties but into Parishes operated by Parrish government. This unique word would make a great one for your pooch’s name.

Zydaco: Cajun music reflecting jazz, southern blues, and combining aspects of African and Asian music into a unique, truly unique sound. No other dog in the park is likely to respond to this name, or be able to spell it!

Additional Cajun Dog Names Include…


   Adelaide    Crayfish    Louisa
   Alphonze    Dempsey    Mardi Gras
   Alli    Dixie    Orleans
   Amedee    Elvira    Pierre
   Alzophine    Etouffee    Reel
   Armond    Evan    Rex
   Angel    Fat Tuesday    Roy
   Bourbon    Fish Hook    Shiloh
   Banshee    Gumbo    Sinker
   Bayou    Gator    Snake
   Beau    Gustave    Sugar Cane
   Bubba    Heloise    Swamp
   Buford     Homer    Van
   Clovis    Landry    Vangeline
   Crawdad    Louie    Virgil
   Creole    Lowland    Zenobia
   Crewe    Louis    Zena



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