What to Buy as a Starter Kit for New Dog Owners


Bringing a new dog into the home is an exciting time for both you and your new pet. But there are some essentials that you’re going to want to have on hand – regardless of whether you’re bringing home a puppy or a dog that’s already reached adulthood.

You can start with the basics to make sure you have what you need for the dog, but you may want to eventually add on to the things that you get so that you and your dog can live as stress free as possible.

Use a safe travel device for your pet such as a pet seat belt, carrier or crate when your dog rides with you. Whether you have a lap dog that takes up almost no space, or a large breed, you want them secure in your car. Since we use harnesses on our boys we have bought clips that fit with our seat belts.  When we had our pit bull we didn’t have, or even know, about the seat belt strap. My daughter had Doobie in the car and had to stop short. The poor dog broke the windshield with his head. It didn’t bother him too much. Pit Bulls will not show pain, in most cases.

Make sure that you have the right supply of food for your dog. This will be age appropriate and have a measuring container. It’s easy to overfeed a dog if you use guesswork. I also suggest that you have an airtight container for the food. The food attracts bugs and can grow mold otherwise.

You’ll need a bowl for his food and one for his water. Some people get an automatic feeder and watering system to be sure their pet is fed if they’re not there, but you want to be careful with these because they can encourage overeating. We bought raised bowls, ceramic with black cast iron (fake, doesn’t rust) Choose it to be a comfortable height for your dog. We have a taller, larger one for Boo, Scooter has a shorter one. They have ceramic bowls. We break one every couple of years. If I had it to do over I would have gotten them with stainless steel bowls. We feed poor Doobie out of plastic bowls. Vet said it contributed to his cancer, along with his Kibbles and Bits. 

Doobie – our Sweet Pit Bull

Your dog will need a bed. You can find these in various sizes. If you’re getting an older dog, you can find dog beds that can help keep him warm or that have cooling abilities. If you’re bringing home a puppy and he’s not housebroken, you’ll need a crate to help with that. We went thru a metal crate and a plastic crate. Doobie ate thru both. We was so scared of thunder that after the crates went away, he locked himself in the bathroom, chewed up the trim and tore off wall paper. 


I believe that you need chew toys. Nylabone chew bones are good. Puppies chew a lot. Better to give them something that have furniture or shoes chewed. Our Cockapoos happen to love hedgehogs.  When we got Boo we got one to keep him company. Now they have tons of toys. Mostly they get replaced after Scooter is done with them. He has never liked Nylabones and he’s not fond of squeekers.

 If you do use a crate, get a comfortable crate pad to go with it. Dogs also like to curl up with pillows or blankets. A lot of people say they’re going to keep their dogs off the furniture, but it usually ends up that the dog has free run of the sofa and recliners. Our pups like the beds and couches. They do have comfortable beds of their own which is where they sleep at night.




Friends or Brothers?

You may want to consider getting furniture covers if you have a puppy that likes to dig at your furniture cushions.  Lots of dogs try to build a nest for themselves. Also, if you dog sheds it’s easier to clean up, take the cover outsides and shake it out. We cover the furniture and the beds. We use an extra sheet on our bed so we can shake off any sand and/or dirt.






Boo and Mr. Scooter Binks


You’ll need a collar for the dog as well as a sturdy leash. There are retractable ones that are handy. Lately i have seen pictures or owners and pets with cuts from the retractable leashes. Don’t use them. 

You may prefer a harness if your puppy or dog isn’t a large breed. 




A tag for your dog is a must, especially if he isn’t micro-chipped. The tag should have all of your contact information on it, rabies certificate and license. We use a tag and our dogs are chipped. Get Your Dog Chipped, the tag can come off or easily be taken off.

If you don’t plan on using the services of a groomer, then you’ll need bathing supplies such as dog friendly shampoo – and depending on the size of your new dog, you may need a way to bathe him. Get a suitable brush, even short-haired dogs need brushing.

Since even the most well behaved dogs can have accidents, you’ll want to have pet stain and odor removal products on hand. If you’re getting a puppy, you’ll want to get gates to block stairs or other areas that you need to keep a puppy out of.

Buy an immunization record book and keep it handy so that you can record when your dog has had his immunization shots. This will also be a good place to keep up with your dog’s medical records. Our vet lists all of their shots so we can be ready to get their licenses every year. We had until the dogs were 6 months old to get them a license. If your town or city requires a license, make sure you get it.

Don’t forget to get some toys and treats for your new dog to welcome him to his new home! You can buy balls for fetch, tug of war toys, and even things like a nice pool for him to cool off in outside in the summer heat! We get kid’s wading pool about every other year. Do Not give your puppy or dog raw hide. Dogs can choke on them and die.


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